Want Your Book Reviewed? (My review policy)

Hello, writers! As an author myself,I know how critical it is to receive fair feedback of your work. You have worked hard to write and then have published your manuscript, and you deserve a review that reflects that hard work. I can not guarantee a positive review every time — again, I believe wholeheartedly in fairness — but I can guarantee that my review will be supportive of your efforts in your literary pursuits.

So, for the brass tacks! If you’d like me to review your book, please pay attention to the following.

1) I don’t review books of poetry, simply because I don’t read or write poetry and I don’t feel qualified to comment on that genre.

2) I don’t review books with any erotica, extreme violence, overtly intimate scenes, or excessive foul language.

—–One exception: I realize that people use profanity in real life and that many writers include it in their stories. I have read books with it, and even though I don’t enjoy it at all I do understand that some people feel it’s necessary. If I feel like the profanity is unnecessary or extraneous, I’ll make a note of that in my review.

3) I don’t review LGBQT or horror books. I have a deep respect for Stephen King. I thoroughly enjoyed his memoir On Writing. But I don’t enjoy reading within the genre of horror.

4) Yes, I do review children’s books. Being a parent myself, I have firsthand experience of the kinds of things that might appeal to children and would be happy to read and review your children’s book.

5) Yes, I do review memoirs, biographies, and some other nonfiction. Just check first before sending your book.

6) I accept hard copies and ebooks. For ebooks I prefer a MOBI/Kindle format or a PDF. For hard copies, please use the following address:

Ekta Garg

P.O. Box 329

Savoy, UT 61874

For ebooks, please email me at egarg0201 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you for considering me as a book reviewer; I appreciate the trust you place in me in this role. If you have any questions or aren’t sure whether I will accept your book for review, don’t hesitate to contact me via this blog or at the email address above.

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