The Book Club is Reading…

When we moved to Central Illinois, I made a wonderful discovery about some of my new friends: they loved to read as much as I do! We decided to form a book club, and below you’ll find the books we’ve read along with flash reviews of what I thought. Let me know if you’ve read any of the titles below!

January 2016: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling–The book made me smile  and even chuckle in several places; it reminds me of Dave Barry’s newspaper columns. While the last chapter is definitely worthy of being posted on a wall somewhere I don’t think I’d buy the book to re-read. Still, it was fun to share Kaling’s world one time through.

March 2016: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie–Adichie clearly wants more for the girls and women of the world, and she calls for a joint effort — rightfully so. Until both men and women make strident efforts to find balance in their attitudes and their cultures, gender equality really won’t progress beyond what it has.

April 2016: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony DoerrDoerr takes readers into World War II with lush prose and a heartbreaking story. For once we don’t go to the concentration camps; instead we explore how the war affected others. This book won the Pulitzer for fiction last year, and when I found out that it did I started jumping up and down in my kitchen.