Organize Your Life and More by Christina Scalise

By Ekta R. Garg

October 31, 2012

Rated: Borrow it

For those who find organizing their homes or other parts of their lives a daunting task, author Christina Scalise offers in-depth ideas and practical solutions in her book Organize Your Life and More. Whether readers struggle with organizing their personal finances, their kitchens, or even end-of-life matters, Scalise has tips and suggestions to give some sense of order to it all. While Scalise has many tips and suggestions that will impress readers, the sheer amount of information may also overwhelm them.

Professional Organizer Christina Scalise pours her depth of knowledge into this practical guide that explains in its opening pages just why people should consider organizing their homes and lives essential. In our technology-driven world today, Scalise’s reasons for organizing will probably sound familiar: now more than ever people allow themselves to get pulled in several different directions, leaving aside the vital issues of keeping a neat home and teaching their children some of those crucial life skills. Scalise provides a simple straightforward argument to convince her readers that keeping an organized home will contribute to organizing one’s life, allowing it to progress more smoothly.

She backs up this premise with detailed descriptions of what readers can do to organize certain areas of their lives. Her chapter on how to handle paperwork, for example, will take readers through the entire process of analyzing just what papers they really should keep and what papers they can shred or recycle. But the advice doesn’t stop there; Scalise then takes readers through the entire process of organizing and storing the papers in an accessible form that will allow for future ease of use. She applies this technique to everything she addresses, whether discussing ways to set up reminders or how to utilize corners and areas of the home that may seem a “waste of space.”

Scalise’s book can become the manual for a realized dream. Any readers who have a hard time beginning to put their homes in order—literally—will find her book practical and easy to use. I must remind readers, however, not to try to read through the entire manual in a single setting. The opening chapters may empower readers, but trying to process all of the information in a short period time might have the opposite effect that Scalise intends: readers may feel overwhelmed by all they must try to accomplish.

Scalise has broken the book down into chapters that readers may take out of chronological order and apply to their lives. The book’s layout certainly does not require readers to read from Chapter 1 through to the last page; readers may pick and choose the chapters they feel apply most to their situations or the situations they would like to attempt first. In this regard the layout of Scalise’s book supports her entire premise: organizing one’s life should not feel formidable or like a goal out of reach. Anyone can organize most areas of life with a little bit of hard work and patience.

As a person who enjoys running an organized home, I recommend Organize Your Life and More with the reminder to readers not to try to encounter and implement the entire book in one sitting. Taking time to understand the points Scalise makes will help in achieving the goals of an organized home and life.


What the ratings mean:

Bookmark it!–Read this book and then buy it and add it to to your own collection.  It’s definitely worth it!

Borrow it–Check this one out from the library; it’s a worthy read, but think twice before spending your hard-earned money on it.

Bypass it–Free time is precious.  Don’t spend it on this book!

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