Second review for today: The Catch by TM Logan

By Ekta R. Garg

July 22, 2020

Genre: Psychological thriller

Release date: April 30, 2020

Rated: Bookmark it! / 4 stars

A father can’t ignore the warning signals when his daughter announces her engagement. Everyone else seems to love the new man in her life, but he can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong. What starts as an instinct becomes an obsession for a father who loves his daughter more than life itself. Author TM Logan is back with another winner in his book, The Catch.

Ed Collier is reeling from the news: his 23-year-old daughter, Abbie, is marrying her boyfriend of just seven months. While Claire, Ed’s wife, is bubbling with happiness, Ed is wary. Ryan is almost a decade older than Abbie, and most of the relationship has been long distance. As much as Ed loves Abbie, he doesn’t understand why there’s this need to jump into a marriage.

And Abbie and Ryan are ready to jump. Their intention to get married in six weeks reeks of suspicion. Abbie says they’re rushing because she wants to make sure her grandmother can attend. Ed’s mother-in-law has received a terminal diagnosis, and Abbie is close to her Nana Joyce. Apparently Ryan suggested it would be better to have the wedding sooner rather than later, and Claire and Joyce are both touched by the gesture.

Ed, though, gets the strong impression that Ryan isn’t being honest. He’s saying all the right words and behaving in all the right ways, but Ed’s first meeting with Ryan is enough to tell him that this man doesn’t truly love Abbie. Not in the way she deserves, and not in the way any man should love a woman.

He shares his concerns with Claire, but she believes Ed is being overcautious. A family tragedy from years earlier plus a bad breakup for Abbie with an old boyfriend has made Ed suspicious of everyone. Ryan, Claire pleads, is a great guy. He volunteers in the community and has a solid corporate job. He takes care of Abbie and is clearly interested in becoming a member of the family. Why can’t Ed see any of that?

Ed makes an attempt to like Ryan and get to know him, but his inner radar keeps warning him to take action. He begins to follow Ryan and hires an investigator to look into him. Bit by bit, Ed begins to collect information that alarms him. He doesn’t know where to turn with what he knows, however, and so he continues to build on the cache of facts. His obsession drives him to a breaking point both professionally and personally, but he doesn’t care. No one is going to hurt Abbie ever again.

Author TM Logan’s thriller twists the screws of suspense so tight readers won’t be able to stop turning pages. Logan uses a deft touch to encourage readers to question Ed’s methods, even as they root him on for looking out for his daughter. Is Ed just overly cautious because of the events of the past, or does he really have just cause to worry about Ryan? The novel teeters from one opinion to another in tantalizing fashion.

Ed’s search for information on Ryan creates realistic problems for him at home and work. Logan displays with ease how Ed begins to turn all of his time and attention to his quest for the truth to the detriment of everything else in his life. Like any parent wanting to protect their child, Ed will stop at nothing.

If the book could be faulted absolutely anywhere, it’s in the need for more details on Ryan. The novel switches points of view, so readers will hear from Ryan eventually. Many of Ryan’s actions are explained by the unfolding of the plot and Ryan himself, but the book needed to delve deeper into what makes Ryan tick as a person. The psychology of Ryan, in this psychological thriller, needed closer examination.

Regardless, readers looking for a fast-paced book that will keep them guessing all the way to the end will enjoy this one. I recommend anyone who enjoys thrillers should Bookmark The Catch by TM Logan.

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