Early reviews of Two for the Heart — by me!

February 4, 2015

(I’m taking a different tack with book reviews today, sharing two early reviews of my first publication. Two for the Heart released yesterday, and I hope you take a chance on it like these reviewers did. To find out where to buy it, visit The Write Edge. Thanks, readers!)

Sandra at Crandomblog.com opens with her frank opinion: she didn’t know if the whole idea of stories in pairs would work. She changed her mind after reading the book:

When I first heard of this set of stories, I was kind of worried. Mainly because I have never heard of short stories in ‘pairs’. However, after I picked them up, I did not want to stop for anything.  The writing style was amazing and the stories, though short, make you fall in love with the characters with ease.


She’s also hosting a giveaway of my book on her other blog, Unshelfish. You can click on this link to enter.



Amy’s review really got me excited, because she hit the point of the stories right on the head:

I think what makes [the stories] work is that being connected makes you realise everyone has a story to tell; and being a background character in someone’s story does not mean you are not the main character of your own story. Which sounds very philosophical I’ll admit, but I did find myself thing about that when I had finished reading, very clever, intentional or otherwise, on Garg’s behalf.



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